Risk management is a combination of organized systems, processes and procedures that identify, assess and mitigate risk with the aim of protecting the organization, its strategies and objectives. An effective, efficient and successful Risk Management system plays a significant role in reducing exposure to potential adverse events. Each organization adopts different Risk Management (ERM) models. Our company is inspired by and shares the "Risk Management Standards" of F.E.R.M.A. (FEDERATION OF EUROPEAN RISK MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATIONS).


Claim: the occurrence of the harmful event, the most delicate moment in the insurance process, is characterized by complex mechanisms that require a high level of competence. Our customers can count on thirty years of experience in the sector of our staff who guarantee timely and correct assistance in the management of every phase of the claim up to the final settlement.
Our strengths are:

  • Competence
  • Availability
  • Maximum integrity
  • Consolidated knowledge of the insurance market and network of experts.


We assist our clients in dealing with the internationalization process, studying the implications of risk management in various countries and examining its various aspects. In particular, local and international legislation. Our goal is the implementation of an insurance programme which, according to different needs, can be set up as:

  • A centralized international programme (non-admitted)
  • Freedom of Services coverage (FOS)
  • Local policies "monitored" by the parent company


With Reinsurance, the Insurer transfers part of the risk, or risks assumed in the portfolio, to another Insurer (called the Reinsurer) thereby reducing its own exposure. In the reinsurance process, Asigest assists the Ceding Insurer in finding a REINSURANCE CONTRACT on the market that meets the needs expressed in relation to the risks that they wish to sell. The Assigning Insurer is our Client. In particular, with our dedicated Unit, we deal with Facultative Reinsurance (FAC).


For more information regarding the services that we offer, please contact us using the form below. We will be happy to respond to any request for further information.

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