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The coverage can operate on an exclusive basis or in coexistence with the guarantee provided for in the context of civil liability policies, where the insurer protects the policyholder only as long as it has an interest.

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For accidents occurring in the context of motor / traffic vehicles, the legal costs for:

  • Criminal charges for injuries to persons including those transported
  • Criminal violations regulated by the Highway Code
  • Recovery of damage suffered in Italy or abroad Protection in addition to the interest of the third party insurer
  • Application for release from seizure of the vehicle
  • Licence return request
  • Actions for poorly executed repairs.


The insurance covers only accidents occurring in the context of the private, non-professional life of the insured and their family. This policy should integrate the liability coverage of the head of the family, and each nucleus should have it for greater protection of any event that may be manifest in the context of domestic life, especially in the presence of minor children and / or pets.

Legal fees for:

  • Charges for negligent injuries caused to third parties or suffered during the practice of hobbies, sports, etc.
  • Lawsuits within condominiums or with tenants
  • Actions to recover damage suffered
  • Unfair dismissal
  • Immediate eviction
  • Defective purchased products
  • Unjust claims of the domestic worker
  • Disputes for damage suffered or caused as a pedestrian or cyclist


In addition to the provisions of professional civil liability coverage, so that the professional is not abandoned in the course of legal action when the injured party has been satisfied, the coverage concerns accidents occurring in the context of professional life.

Legal fees for:

  • Defense for damage caused to third parties
  • Dispute for damage to rented premises
  • Indictments for manslaughter or bodily harm
  • Defendant for employee occupational injuries
  • Civil actions for damage suffered to a person or to the office for acts committed by third parties
  • Actions following supplies of goods that do not comply with the requests
  • Immediate eviction disputes


The guarantee covers only claims occurring within the scope of the activity indicated in the policy and may relate to criminal, civil and pecuniary damage.
Criminal defence coverage is often indispensable for the company itself and for the people who manage it. In the unfortunate event that they find themselves facing an accusation of violating legal norms, it is clear that the timely choice of a specialized criminal lawyer can significantly influence the defensive strategy to be adopted – thus minimizing negative repercussions to the business, production and image of the company.

Considering the daily proliferation of legal action and regulations, the free choice of specialized criminal lawyers becomes even more important.

Legal fees for:

  • Expenses for party expert and 'C.T.U.' (Italian Technical Office Consultancy)
  • Plea bargain pursuant to Article 444 of the Italian Criminal Code
  • Free choice of professional even outside the competent district
  • Coverage for malicious crimes (charges for malicious behavior if the envisaged imprisonment term is less than 10 years)
  • Assistance to witnesses, if the insured is requested as a witness during a proceeding
  • Advance of a bail to avoid restrictive measures to personal liberty abroad

Possible warranty extensions for criminal proceedings deriving from tax and / or administrative violations.

In the event of civil disputes, the legal costs for:

  • Damage Recovery
  • Labour disputes
  • Defence from Damage Claims
  • Legal protection of the property
  • Disputes with insurance companies for insurance coverage such as fire and theft

Disputes for pecuniary damage

To oppose damage claims made directly against the Management (personal liability for damage caused to third parties and / or to the company itself and / or to the shareholders pursuant to Article 2392 et seq. of the Italian Civil Code).


The coverage exclusively concerns claims relating to the institutional activity of the insured party, including those resulting from activities or actions committed by the directors and employees of the insured party in the performance of the service and in the fulfillment of official duties, for which the entity is obliged to bear defence costs.

Legal fees for:

  • litigation in connection with potable water aqueducts
  • individual labour disputes
  • defence for damage caused to third parties
  • illegal waste disposal
  • omission of work safety measures
  • criminal charges of the administrators
  • recovery of damage suffered by third parties


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